Real Austin Swingers

How do you meet real Austin Swingers?

When we first decided to try swinging, we had NO IDEA how to meet other real Austin swingers!  Were there really people right here in Austin that were open to the idea of having sex with other couples?  If so how would we know who they were or where they had their swingers parties?  We certainly weren’t going to start asking neighbors if they were swingers or advertising in the Austin paper.  We have kids and family in the area so we also wanted to be very discrete.

So, we did the same thing that you probably did.  We started searching on google for things like Austin swingers, or How to meet real swingers in Austin.  We ended up joining one of the largest Swinger and lifestyle sites on the web, and actually had, and still have a lot of fun there.  We are still members because we travel a lot and we can meet other sexy people anywhere in the world that we go.  The live and real swingers webcams have led to many a wild night for us and we have even been known to broadcast some of our own sexual adventures for others to see.  What can we say… We are exhibitionists and voyeurs!  We have even been watching another couple on cam while they were watching us C2C and ended up being so turned on by them that we drove 45 miles to meet them!  What a sexy night that was!

However this site did not offer the kind of local swinger parties that we were looking for.  A couple that we met on that site, recommended a site called Kasidie to us and the rest is history!  Click here to start with a free profile and preview the very best lifestyle site on the web to meet real Austin swingers and get the inside info on every swingers party here in Austin. 

We have tried 3 other swingers sites and none of them are anywhere close if you are looking to meet real Austin Swingers.  Check out Kasidie and look at the upcoming events, meet and reets and swinger parties.  Look at all of the hot profiles of real lifestyle couples and sexy single men and hot single women that live here in Austin and all over Texas. You will love the people and parties on Kasidie.  We guarantee it!  By the way, Kasidie has the largest membership of sexy single bi women who love to play with couples…. Just in case you are interested in the idea of a fmf 3some.  It is definitely one of our favorites!