Austin Swingers Clubs

Reviews and Info on the best swingers clubs in Austin, TX

PlayersATX – Players Club Austin is a 9000 square foot adult playground complete with 2 very sexy strippers poles and plenty of hot, scantily clad young women who love to get sexy while dancing on them.  They also have a very hip shadow box above the dance floor where women, or couples can grind and gyrate and look ultra erotic behind the screen.  We love looking up at the sexy bodies while we dance with all of our sexy friends on the hip and sexy dance floor.  We love the DJ and the music that he plays!  Players also caters to the 2 largest and sexiest swingers sites on the web, both of which have very large and sexy memeberships here in Austin.

Once a month they have an SDC night and on the last Friday of the month they have our favorite which is Kasidie night.  Get a Free 30 Day Elite Membership by clicking here and you can get 1 free Kasidie party for every 3 that you attend!  From our experience Kasidie has the sexiest swingers in Austin, although we have been to both parties and had a great time at each.

Friends –  Austin Friends is one of the most established swinger’s clubs in Central Texas and has been a swingers favorite in Austin for over 18 years.  They have recently done some remodeling and updating of the club so we decided to give them a visit a few weeks ago on a Saturday night.  They had a really good crowd and we had a great time shaking it on the dance floor.  We really enjoyed the relaxed but sexy club atmoshpere.  We met 2 fun and sexy couples who we flirted and grinded with a bit on the dance floor before taking our flirtation into the private play areas.

We had a fantastic night and met some new friends which we love to do.  variety is our spice of choice and we will be back to Friends again soon.  Friends is a couples only club and no single men are allowed at all.  In fact, you need to have the female half of the couple do a voice verification over the phone to attend.  Definitely worth the extra step.  If you are interested, give them a call at 512-251-1199.  They also have 3 reviews on and all 3 reviews give them 5 stars.  We would put them in the 4.5 stars range and highly recommend that you get to know some new Friends!!