Butts Boobs and Boats 7

Naked girls Hippie HollowWe can’t believe it has already been a year and Butts Boobs and Boats VII is back! The greatest swingers party in the world is right here in Austin and the guestlist is already huge! This is going to be the best BBB event ever. The dates are July 13th – 15th and starts with a great, “Shock the Vanillas” party on 6th Street with an Afterparty at the Hilton. Saturday, July 14th Hippie Hollow Nudist Resort turns into a swingers Paradise with the “Sun Yer Buns party” There will be more boats and party barges, and Butts and Boobs than you can imagine. Sexy Swingers from all over the country come to Austin for this amazing, naked party on the lake.

Saturday night is the big party, and you are not going to want to miss it! Just like last year’s BBB party, you can get all of the info and register for Butts, Boobs, and Boats by clicking here. There are already over 300 sexy people on the guest list from Kasidie alone, and there will be a LOT more people than that at this sexy party. Join Kasidie and join the fun!

Come play with Austin Swingers at BBB VII at Hippie Hollow

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Butts, Boobs and Boats VI Swingers Party at Hippie Hollow

BBB butts boobs boats

BBB butts boobs boats

This is an Austin Swingers and Hippie Hollow exclusive 3 day swingers dream come true!  This amazing nudist and swinger party will be July 15th – 17th and will get started Friday night on 6th Street and then the real party starts on Saturday out at Hippie Hollow.  You can get all of the information and register for the BBB party by clicking here.  Follow our link and you will receive a 30 day FREE ELITE MEMBERSHIP.  No Credit card needed.  After you register, just go to “Parties and Events” and you will see Butts Boobs and Boats VI.  There are already 200 sexy Swingers signed up for this Hippie Hollow and downtown Austin event.

This is such an incredible Texas swingers party because of how much fun we have with all of our boats and party barges out at Hippie Hollow that not only are there a lot of Austin Swingers attending, we have sexy swingers coming here from all over the country, including the founders of Kasidie themselves!  If you want to attend the sexiest nude swingers lake party of all time then check out BBB VI!

BBB butts boobs boats

BBB butts boobs boats

After soaking up all of the naked sun at Hippie Hollow, there will be a complete swingers takeover at The Pure Ultra Lounge!  This sexy bar holds 1200 people and it is going to be jam packed with sexy Austin Swingers Saturday night.  This will be the swingers event of the year!

BBB Hippie Hollow
BBB Hippie HollowParty Barge at BBB

Look for other sexy Swingers Get togethers at Hippie Hollow throughout the year, and come and join us on the party Barge at BBB 6!

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Austin Swingers is live! Get Connected with sexy swingers in Austin!

We have decided to create Austin Swingers to help all of the sexy new swingers in Austin, Texas get connected and find all of the best swingers parties here in Austin and meet all of the sexiest Austin Swingers!  The swinging, or lifestyle community is booming here in Austin and we are here to help you find all of the fun.  There are incredibly sexy Austin Swingers parties happening every weekend, and if your idea of swinging is old, fat people getting together then you are in for a BIG surprise.  That may be true in some places, but most of the Austin Swingers that we know are extremely sexy couples and some very hot single men and single women that love to party and play with others!

We have so many young and sexy people here in Austin and you may be surprised when you find out how many of them are already enjoying the swingers lifestyle.  If you have just fantasized about threesomes, or bi females, or sharing some hot intimate times with another couple, then maybe it is time to turn the fantasy into reality.  If nothing else you owe it to yourself and your partner to attend one of the Austin lifestyle parties or meet and greets.  Open minded couples having adult fun in a very sexy, casual environment!  That doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Sex, Travel, Friends, Parties, Trips & Much More... Kasidie.com

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